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Featured Procedure - Laser Skin Tightening

Titan LaserLaser skin tightening is a non-surgical cosmetic skin treatment. The treatment corrects damage to skin due to exposure to sunlight. It also removes wrinkles and gives the skin a smooth and youthful appearance. Laser skin tightening is also sought by people who have lost weight and find their skin sagging a bit. Skin can sags as a result of age, pregnancy, or gastric bypass surgery.

Laser skin treatment can be used on many areas of the body - to tighten loose skin on the face, forehead, neck, abdomen, chest, arms, buttocks, and thighs.

How Does Laser Skin Tightening Work?

The latest laser skin tightening techniques apply infrared frequency waves on the skin. The waves heat the dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin. This process is known as collagen remodeling, in which old collagen and elastin fibers are heated. This stimulates the growth of new collagen, which removes fine lines and crease marks on the skin surface. The process can take up to an hour; a cooling system is used to prevent the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) from getting overheated.

Before undergoing treatment you should let your doctor know if your skin is sensitive to any medicine, if you are susceptible to oral herpes, or if your skin scars easily. Laser skin tightening treatment is not advisable for pregnant women. Some treatment procedures may require that you avoid direct sunlight for up to 28 days before treatment; this can be achieved by using a suitable sunscreen.

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